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You probably will fall in love with him when you see him for the first time -
that crazy accordion guy from Russia - maybe in one of New York´ s countless
little restaurants where he uses to have regular gigs. His musical repertoire
ranges from the music of his native Russia to the classical and modern music
of Europe and America (tangos, waltzes, film scores, contemporary music)
to the the international jazz scene of today.

Yuri Lemeshev moved with his family to the USA in 1989 hoping to find more
freedom for his musical projects ("I couldn´t play Jazz in the Soviet Union") and
became a resident of Brooklyn where the streets are full of music from immigrants
the same way Yuri´ s music is full of surprises, inspiration, love and endless creativity
and humor, an endless flow of musical ideas played on the accordion
with the face of an angel.

Those who used to watch the Late Night Show with Conan O´Brien will have noticed him
as the featured accordion player in the studio band. He also shared the stage
and/or recorded with Nicole Renaud, Tony Scherr, Brad Shepik, Greg Wall, Mary Wooten
and Matt Darriau.

The New York Gypsy-Punk-Cabaret band GOGOL BORDELLO
had him in the line-up as their resident accordionist from 2001 till 2013.
In the Summer of 2013 Yuri Lemeshev was a weekly guest during the Accordion Festival in Bryant
Park in Manhattan.
In 2014 Yuri Lemeshev will start a project with the band The Dead Kenny G's and present his
a band playing the music of russian composer Alfred Schnittke.
DESASTRO TOTALE: with Matt Darriau on sax, clarinet, flutes, whistles etc
TRI DRUGA: with Brad Shepik - guitar and Tony Scherr - bass balalaika
Yuri Lemeshev Solo - Live at Jules (Tillotson) 1995
Tridruga - Love Slave Records 2000
Multi vs. Kulti contra Irony/with GOGOL BORDELLO (Rubric Records) 2002
Desastro Totale 2002